Family Tree Lessons from Tia Patricia: Lesson 2

family tree lesson tia patricia
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Lesson 2
Lesson Two: Start to write up little stories of one person from your family tree. Put it in a real folder or an online folder. One person per folder. Here is what I wrote about my grandmother and I am still adding to it. Katherine Coy Molteni b. 1899 San Antonio, Texas and died in 1995 was the daughter of Juan Andres Coy and Antonia Hernandez. Both the Coy and Hernandez families are founding families of the settlers of San Antonio. Her 2 brothers were William Joseph Coy 1898-1971 and Andy Coy b. 1900. Katherine Coy was married to George C Molteni on 4 April 1923. She had 3 children: Anita Katherine, who died at birth in 1924 , Catherine Jane, who was born in 1925 and George Coy, born 1928.

She and her husband were faithful Catholics and attended mass at the Little Flower Basilica on Zarzamora street. She had devotional candles in her bedroom and a large statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am her first granddaughter and have this wonderful statue in my bedroom now in 2017. My grandmother also had a large print of a painting of the Virgin Mary. She attended Ursuline Academy for Girls in downtown San Antonio and was called “Coy” by her classmates. As a young woman, she was a member of the Latin American Club and attended other social events which were reported by the society page of the San Antonio newspapers. Her cousins were Cordelia and Susie Fisk, daughters of Isabella Hernandez and Ben Fisk. Her husband’s sisters were very involved in the raising of Katherine’s children, as they had no children of their own. George’s sisters were Anita, Mary, Carrie, and Josephine. Often on Sundays, George Molteni went to 233 W. Lullwood to visit with his mother Matilde Biasioli Molteni and his unmarried sisters. When the home of my grandmother’s parents Juan Andres and Antonia Hernandez burned down, the parents moved in with their daughter Katherine Coy and her husband George Molteni and their 2 children Catherine Jane and George. They added on to the house at 1627 W. Craig Place. My grandmother liked to play cards and bunco and listen to baseball games. She was a devoted grandmother. Her 8 grandchildren were Patricia Susan, Deborah Ann, Robert Joseph, Jeanne Marie, Andrew Coy , Barbara Jane Powell and their cousins Dave Coy and Tony Molteni. She lived at 1627 W. Craig Place, which used to be called Pennsylvania Avenue when the property was first purchased. After the death of her husband, she moved in with her daughter Catherine Jane at 6222 Dove Hill in Thunderbird Hills. Due to the complications of diabetes, she became blind in her old age. Finally she lived out her remaining years at a nursing facility called the Chandler House, a historic Victorian house on W. French Street in San Antonio. She liked to listen to baseball games in Spanish. She is buried in San Fernando Cemetery #2 with many other family members. R.I.P.

written by oldest granddaughter Pat Powell aka Patricia S. Gerecci.

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