The Birth of San Antonio

the birth of san antonio

Many years ago, my grandmother, Mary Lou Bustillos Martinez, told me we have a lot of history in San Antonio, Texas. I haven’t been able to delve into all the research as I would like. I’m still learning information every day. When I found out that there would be a performance honoring The Birth of San Antonio, I knew I wanted to get involved.

Being a Canary Island descendant fills my heart with so much pride.

I descend from Joseph Padron, Lorenzo de Armas, and Maria Bethencourt through my Bustillos Line.  I also descend from Juan Leal Goraz through my Herrera line. As I continue to research my other lines, I’m sure I will find other families. On March 10, 2018, we celebrated “El Nacimiento.” Mr. Joe Arciniega did the narration. Ruth was unable to film the first day because she was a stage manager.

We were very fortunate to have him involved with the performance.

The other groups that made this happen were American Indians in Texas, Terhuan Band of Mission Indians, Rio Grande Native American Church, 1718 Presidio Soldiers and Founding Families, San Antonio Living History Association, and San Antonio Founding Heritage. My apologies if I missed any groups.

On Sunday, March 11, 2019, the Canary Islands Descendant Association held a SOLD OUT luncheon. The Canary Island Delegation was also present for this event.

The actual birth of San Antonio is May 1, 1718.

We wanted to clarify that fact for historical accuracy. The performance was not on the same date as the historical event.

It’s our honor and duty to keep all our ancestors alive.

Keep talking about them. Once we stop mentioning their names, they will be forgotten. We have to teach our children their history.

Check out photos from the event in our photo gallery.

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