Our Firecracker, Mary Lou Bustillos Martinez

Mary Lou Bustillos Martinez would have been 90 years old today. I can only imagine the surprise birthday she would have planned. My welita had a history of planning a few of her own surprise birthday parties. Those were the best parties. We were able to put a little of our touches to it, only because she wasn’t aware of it until the day of the party.

She would have been a cool 90 year old welita; always making sure the kids know how to act and know their history.  If you had the opportunity to meet her, you were immediately welcomed into the family.  She never forgot anyone she met.

This is why I love my welita

She had many grandkids and great-grandkids, but she made you feel like you were the only one. Even though they were in the next room screaming. I miss our special time alone, and her hugs and kisses.

I miss receiving my yearly fruit bag from my welita. Those became so special as I got older.

I miss her so much

My lunch hour dates with my grandparents, I was temporarily transferred for 3 months to a location for work near my welita. If they didn’t have a doctor’s appointment, they were my date.  I was sad when I had to go back to my main store. I realized I wouldn’t have that time with them anymore.

I could talk to her about anything, and she would just listen. She would always tell me face your fears and never stop believing in yourself. I know she’s in a better place and no pain, but I sure do miss you very much welita.


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