Family Tree Lessons from Tia Patricia: Lesson 1

family tree lesson tia patricia
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Lesson 1
For the Hernandez research conducted over 30 years, I have 416 people 473 records and 107 photographs
For the De Los Santos Coy-Hernandez-Salinas research, I have 432 people 813 records and 163 photos.
My research began before the advent of the Internet, before microfiche or computers or databases. I was in libraries, scouring public records, visiting cemeteries, collecting family photos, Bibles, holy cards, wedding guest books, funeral guest books, examining baptism records in the churches where the baptisms took place (archive work). This is called primary source research. I have pages and pages of personal interviews with family members and extended family members and friends of these families.
It is my honor to share all this with anyone who is curious to find out where they came from and how many of us are closely connected.. It is upon the lives of those who have gone before us that our life is possible. Because of their hard work, sacrifices, choices, and values, we had the opportunity to become who we are today. Many of our ancestors were uneducated or not formally educated,but they bought books,pencils, and paper for their children. They taught lessons to their children in cooperation, sacrifice, teamwork and the importance of family.
Many women lived and worked and raised large families without the convenience of machines like dishwashers or washing machines or dryers. No micro waves. No cars. No Internet.. No GPS. No sonograms. No computers. No cell phones.

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