San Antonio’s Founders Monument: A Historic Initiative

A bronze monument honoring the four founding communities of San Antonio is being commissioned, in honor of our City’s TriCentennial.
Being Honored are:
  • Native Americans
  • Spanish Presidio Soldiers
  • Spanish Friars
  • Canary Islanders
This monument will represent San Antonio’s historic beginnings in 1718 and how the blending of these four communities has helped shape the unique culture that makes San Antonio so special.
To be located on the historic Bexar County Courthouse property the five-piece bronze statues will be installed in front of the courthouse in the area that is still the heart of San Antonio’s downtown Civic Center.
The artist for this bronze statue is Armando Garcia Hinojosa he is an artist and educator from Laredo, Texas, who is known for some half dozen major pieces of sculpture, including the Tejano Monument on the south lawn of the Texas State Capital in Austin. The 12-piece monument was unveiled in the spring of 2012.  Mr. Hinojosa was recognized by the State of Texas as Artist of the Year in 1982 – 1983.
The total cost of the five-piece bronze statues is $750,000 with Bexar County partnering with the Canary Islands Descendants Association to make the implementation and location a significant part of San Antonio’s historic landscape.
Join us in making this TriCentennial gift a reality.  For more information or to donate, you may contact us at or you can go to the donate button on the tabs above.
Click here for more information about the list describing the 16 families.

Purpose of the Association

  1. To encourage and promote all educational studies and historical and genealogical research that enhance the historical, cultural and civic significance of the accomplishments of the sixteen original Canary Islands families who founded the Villa de San Fernando, now the City of San Antonio.
  2. To foster and perpetuate the preservation of documents and artifacts identified with the culture and life of the Canary Islanders’ history in San Antonio, Texas.
  3. To initiate, and promote programs, lectures and civic events which are intended for the general public, and which are conducted to memorialize historical sites and buildings associated with the Canary Islanders’ history in San Antonio, such as San Fernando Cathedral.
  4. To establish and promote the celebration of significant days and commemorative civic events that celebrate those special days linked to the Canary Islanders’ history in San Antonio.

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